Thursday, January 10, 2013

Its OK!

Its Ok...
... that I feel like my blog is lame compared to all the other blogs I read
...that I haven't been to the grocery store since I can't even remember
...thatI have so many things I want to try and do from pinterst but I haven't tried any yet
...that I started weight watchers on Monday and I still want to eat bad foods, but I haven't.  It better pay off with the scale tomorrow
...if my dogs sleep all day and all night, that's part of being a pet right
...that I just now ordered some of the pictures from my wedding in prints...its never to late right? have a netflix movie for a couple months and still haven't watched it
...that this is my first "its ok" I don't think I did half bad.
One more day closer to the weekend.  I get to see my friend that I haven't seen in a long time tomorrow.  Can't wait to get together with her again.

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