Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Need Ideas/ New Year's Eve

Where does everyone get ideas to write about.  I like posting but I never know what I should write about.  All the other blogs that I read talk about their kids, well Joe and I don't have any kids and I don't think you want to hear about our dogs every week.  If anyone has suggestions for things I can write about let me know. 

Joe and I had a good New Year's Eve, we went to our neighbors house.  There was great food and good conversation.  Joe was the winner of the weight loss challenge we were in.  He won 205 bucks.  I wish I could lose weight like he does.  I am excited to see what the new year brings for us.  I can't wait to celebrate our first wedding anniversary together.  Hopefully I will be able to find a job in 2013.  Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year's.


  1. Write what you want to write about! Life, love, school and we love hearing about your dogs!

    How cool that Joe won the weight loss challenge!

    I'm in the same boat we don't have any children and we can't have dogs :(.

  2. When I can't think of what to write about I join link ups.
    after your post on your blog, go to their blog and link your profile so you gain followers that way :)
    Here are the ones I usually do :)
    Monday's: for weekend wrap up.
    Tuesdays: I usually just talk about whatever, or skip a post and catch up on everyone elses blog. lol
    Wednesday: for Oh, How Pinteresting!
    Thursday: for It's Ok!
    Friday: I usually just do a confession Friday.


  3. Thanks for your help Kim, I always wondered where you found the link ups.