Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Joe and I had a good weekend.  We went out to dinner Friday night with friends to Margaritas.  We had to stay in town because I was on call.  Joe got to spend some guy time with his friends after dinner.  I got lucky and didn't have any calls Friday night.  Saturday mom called me to meet her for lunch.  We went to one of my favorite places, The Thai House.  If you haven't been there before you should really try it.  Joe did a great job and took all our Christmas decorations down from the outside of the house and then put everything in the attic. 
Saturday night we went out with our good friends "The Neighbors."  We went to The Melting Pot.  It was our first time there.  We both really liked it.  I could go there and just eat the dessert.  We both want to go back again, but because of the price it won't be a place we go to very often. 
Sunday was Joe's sister Heather's baby shower.  Everything turned put perfect.  She got so much stuff for the baby.  Not sure what else she is going to need.  While the girls were at the baby shower the guys went to Hooters for the diaper party.  I was glad to be part of the shower and can't wait for the baby to get here.    Hope everyone had a good weekend. 

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