The Dogs

Our dogs are a big part of our life.  We consider them our fur children.  Our lives would not be the same without them.  We have three does Khaos, Maggie, and Moose and we talk for them.  We have difference voices for each dog.  At first we thought we were crazy that we would talk for them, until our neighbors told us they talked for their dogs as well.  I can't imagine our lives without our dogs and can't wait to see what they do in the future.

He is Joe's police K9. Khaos goes to work with Joe every shift and is Joe's best friend. Joe has had Khaos for I think 5 years now. He still has a couple more years of work before he has to retire. Once he does retire he will become our permanent pet. We are currently working on him being inside more with the us and the other dogs. He hasn't ever been in the house before so it is a learning process for him. Everything is new and he loves to explore and see what he can find. Khaos loves ropes and anything that squeaks. He loves to play, dig holes in the back yard, and even escape from the fence once or twice. We have learned to keep a better eye on him when he is in the back yard. I love to see the bond that Joe and Khaos has formed over the years.  I don't think Khaos knows his size.  He will run if moose snaps at him.

She was my brother Jason's dog before she became our dog.  She didn't work out with Jason, so I told Joe to just take her for the night and see how she does.  One night was all it took.  She has never left since then.  Maggie is the protector of the house.  She is our door bell.  She will let us know someone is at the house before they even get to the door.  She loves to play, but can also be a very lazy dog.  She has her own bed that she sleeps in every night.  She loves to go for CAR RIDES.  You can't say it in front of her or she will start running around the house waiting to leave.  She is always the first to meet you at the door when you get home.  If she doesn't meet you at the door you know she has done something wrong.  She enjoys getting in the trash so now we have a trash can that you can lock the lid.  She is a sweetheart and we are so glad she is in our lives.
He is our little firecracker.  He is the alpha male and he will let every body and every dog know.  He LOVES his treat ball.  He will sit at the toy basket and bark until you get the treat ball (it doesn't matter if it is in the toy basket or somewhere in the house, you have to find it and put treats in it).  He loves to cuddle and sleeps in bed between Joe and I every night.  He hates baths and loves table food (should have never gave him any as a puppy).  Moose can be a little moody at times.  He call him a little old man.  I don't think he knows he is a little dog because he puts all other dogs in their place.  He is a lover and we wouldn't trade him for anything.

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