Friday, May 4, 2012

Future Wagners T-22 Days!!!

Yes I said it only 22 days until the big day.  The big day is in site and I can't wait for it to get here.

Last Friday night was my bachelorette party, man was it a good time.  The day started with mom and I picking Kietsten up from the airport and then going to lunch before my dress fitting.  When I walked into The Pasta House I had to do a double take that it was really Shannon.  She came in and surprised me.  I haven't seen her in almost two years so it was way over do.  The bachelorette party started at Busch Stadium with a good Cardinal's game (a few drinks) and a good time.  After the game we went to a couple bars and ended up closing Good Tymes down.  I'm not a bar person but I did have a good time.  The night ended with me needing a new phone (I dropped mine in the toilet) and me waking everyone up at my mom's house at 3:00 in the morning.  Everyone just loved me that night.

Joe's bachelor party is next weekend.  I hope he has a great time.  We had our last meeting with Father Paul and everything went good.  I am very excited to have Father Paul marry us because he married my mom and Larry back in the day.  He still remembers me as that little girl in their wedding. 

Kennedy HATES her dress, if you ask her about her princess dress she will tell you "Me hate the dress, me not going to wear it."  If you ask her why she hates it she will tell you "I said me hate the dress."  I don't know what she doesn't like about the dress but once we told her that sissy and Caitlyn are wearing princess dresses too, she said she will wear it.  Who knows what is going to happen the day of the wedding.

I know I have lacked in the blog department lately, I never know what to write and I always feel like I am writing an essay or something.  I am going to try and post more, any feed back as to what will make the blog better would be great!